About us

Muscle Universe endeavors to change the Health and Fitness industry, provide real knowledge, and create a real training atmosphere. We aspire to create a good community of like minded people to build great relationships, to support each other in the journey to reaching their health and fitness goals.


“To create a friendly and uplifting atmosphere to encourage people to push past their limitations. Educate and Inspire change to help people reach their health and fitness goals, and ultimately become successful in all areas of life”


Muscle Universe has a vision to”INSPIRE” we plan to do this through regular workshop seminars were there will be guest appearances from nutritionists, bodybuilders, fitness models, and motivational speakers.


Muscle Universe will provide a more personalized service, with staff that have a real genuine passion for health and fitness. We will dedicate our time to assisting you in whatever you needs may be, and help guide you to reaching your health and fitness goals.