Happy New Year!

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Hello Muscle Universe,

Happy New Year!

As part of our mission here at MU we are going to try to connect with you more through a number of different avenues, with one being a weekly blog!

We hope you all had a great festive season, and are recharged for the new year!

We have some great plans for this year and can’t wait to show you all what’s coming! :))

This weeks topic is the New Years Resolution!

It’s always great to plan a transformation or new lifestyle, however, keep in mind that if it didn’t work in September it won’t get any easier in January!

Make sure you have a plan with short term and long term goals and keep yourself accountable. Remember it’s a journey, not a destination and enjoy it as much as you can.

Enjoy feeling good, and have pride in the fact that you are taking the first step into a newer better version of yourself. Everything starts with the first step, and everyone you are looking up to now took that same first step once upon a time. The key is to have a good diet plan and training program and keep consistent. You don’t have to train at 100% every day, everyone has there off days but just show up and put in the work.

If you need any assistance we have a great team of Personal trainers here to help, book yourself into a FREE consultation, and get the help you need to take your first step today! :))


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