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First Ever Get Inspired Session

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Hello Muscle Universe,

Thank you! Really great turnout on sunday!

Just wrapped up our first ever “GET INSPIRED” Session!

With turnouts like this it will motivate us to keep running them for you every month!

Broke down all the parts of the chest and how to execute the exercises with proper form.

We hope you can take some of what you learnt and incorporate them into your own chest routine. Read More First Ever Get Inspired Session

Power of Focus

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We hope everyone had a fantastic week!

Only 1 week to go until Muscle Universe first “GET INSPIRED” Session/Training Camp!

If you are interested in taking part in the Event it’s FREE! Just contact us at reception to book in your place! :)

Today i would like to talk about FOCUS!

This can be the difference between a good and bad workout! Read More Power of Focus

Get Inspired Session – Chest Training

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Hello Muscle Universe,

We hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend!

We have a BIG announcement!

We are going to hold our first ever GET INSPIRED session!

We have set a date for Sunday the 28th of January at 1pm!

The area we will be covering for this Training Camp will be Chest training! Learn how to properly target each area of your chest and what exercises to perform. Read More Get Inspired Session – Chest Training

Happy New Year!

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Hello Muscle Universe,

Happy New Year!

As part of our mission here at MU we are going to try to connect with you more through a number of different avenues, with one being a weekly blog!

We hope you all had a great festive season, and are recharged for the new year!

We have some great plans for this year and can’t wait to show you all what’s coming! :))

This weeks topic is the New Years Resolution! Read More Happy New Year!

Welcome to Muscle Universe

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Hello Musclemaniacs,

Welcome to the first blog post of Muscle Universe.

Theseposts will hopefully help keep you on track with your goals when things are getting a bit hard, and you need a little bit of encouragement to keep pushing on.

I would like to talk about Muscle Universe’s Slogan ~ GET INSPIRED

What is it? Where does it come from?

Inspiration is something that is deep inside us and triggers Read More Welcome to Muscle Universe